Bike Spotlight: Haibike

Take a more detailed look at the eBikes Haibike will have to offer at Pedalfest 2019!

Haibike are a prominent figure in the world of eBikes and are considered the pioneers of ePerformance. They will be offering up eBikes from their XDURO and SDURO range at Pedalfest for you to test ride.

The XDURO AllMtn 3.0 will be centre stage for the ePerformance giants and we are sure you'll be impressed. This eBike boasts an impressive Bosch drive unit which includes a 500WH integrated battery for a smooth and sleek finish as well as being kitted out by all the esteemed names such as Sram, Maxxis and XLC.

We are also very excited for Haibike to bring along a sample from their SDURO Trekking range (1.0 and 6.0). The 6.0 variation offers a big 2.8“ Yahama Multi-switch colour display that as well as being driven by a fantastic Yamaha motor. This range is also very unique as it offers the possibility of a double chain ring allowing riders to benefit from an increased transmission spectrum, compared to single sprockets. Haibike will also be bringing along the SDURO cross (1.0 and 6.0).

The SDURO HardSeven will also be at the festival in both the 1.0 and 4.0 variations with 400WH and 500WH batteries respectively. This eBike is a real head turner with striking aesthetics but still retaining the performance and quality associated with Haibike. Keep a look out for the stunning SDURO HardSeven Life 4.0 which has been designed along with others in the Life range designed and engineered specifically for women. We encourage all of you to talk to the friendly staff about other bikes they have available if you don't manage to find the perfect fit at Pedalfest.

Last but not least, we have the SDURO HardNine range 5.0 which again offers a sleek and modern integrated 500WH battery, Yamaha drive unit and breathtaking aesthetics.

Head over to Haibike online to delve deeper into the specs of the eBikes mentioned and start to plan your test ride wish list for Pedalfest!

We can't wait for you to put these eBikes through their paces at Pedalfest 2019!

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