Bike Spotlight: Lapierre

Mountain bike giants Lapierre will be joining us for this years Pedalfest, check out some more details on the bikes you can test ride at the event. We cannot wait to see the stunning bikes Lapierre brings to the table!

The first bikes on show and available for test riding is a selection from the Overvolt range. This collection of rugged yet sophisticated eBikes, that boast a 500WH Bosch powered battery which is integrated into the frame for a sleek finish and also features the new E-MTB mode where the level of assistance is automatically adapted to optimise battery autonomy.

Another set of bikes that will be at Pedalfest is a selection from the Lapierre Zesty range. The very essence of a mountain bike is to perform all functions and the Zesty does just that it adapts to all conditions regardless of the slope direction to help you to tackle the most demanding of surfaces. Whether in trail mode or as a light endurance bike, the Zesty is efficient, fast and easy to handle for a one-of-a-kind experience that’s all about mountain riding.

There will also be an opportunity to try out the Lapierre Spicy 5.0. This bike is designed for high performance endurance at all costs. Lapierre even enlisted the help of pro riders to ensure that the Spicy range can be of the highest quality with the rider always in mind. The Spicy 5.0 provides maximum fun, high speeds and lets you feel the terrain beneath you just enough to be extremely responsive.

For a more sporty feel to your MTB, why not try out the Edge from Lapierre? The progressive frame design makes this bike perfect for more aggressive riding whilst soaking up and tackling bigger obstacles. There are many subtle design features that make this bike perfect for the unpredictable conditions.

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