Forestry England Partnership

Find out about all the great work that our partners Forestry England do to preserve and manage beautiful forests all over the nation.

Forestry England are the largest land manager and custodian of the nations forests. With around 1,000 committed staff members and volunteers it allows them to manage and look after more trees and land than any other organisation. We have 250,000 hectares of woodland and other natural environments across England which is roughly the size of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds combined! So it's safe to say they have a big job to do! Without this team, our lovely countryside would simply not be the same.

Not only does this hard-working organisation preserve and maintain these wonderful pieces of nature, they also take great pride in making these areas a welcoming place for people of all ages to visit. They work with different health initiatives and companies to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the great outdoors by putting on events such as art exhibitions and live concerts.

Pedalfest is exactly the kind of event that is perfect for Forestry England, which is why we've partnered up with them to bring you the best possible event we can and ensure that our gorgeous countryside continues to thrive. We hope that together we can put on an unforgettable event whilst raising awareness for the great work that Forestry England do on a daily basis.

We've also got a great opportunity for you to sign up for a Discovery Pass for Sherwood Pines. This pass allows you to get free parking for a year, discounts in the cafe, savings on cycle hire, Go-Ape discounts, clothing reductions and access to presale Forest Live Concerts. All this for a whole year at just £50! You can find out more here or simply head down to Pedalfest this summer to enquire further.

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